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MyWeb4Ed Blog Kickoff, Animation Factory, and Deluxe Templates


MyWeb4Ed is going to take a little change of approach from the typical website a day format! Instead of announcing one site every day, I’m going to share the sites that I’ve actually used or learned about each day. So, there may be more than one used. I’ll highlight one of those sites as the best of the day by attaching their link. So, with that in mind, the next post will begin our new format!

Today’s Sites:

Animation Factory – I use this site almost every day to create presentations. The PowerPoint backgrounds are awesome! Yes, it’s a subscription but I cannot imagine not having it! Today, I was working on a cybersafety presentation and this helped me to create a nice looking one quickly!

  • Blogger Templates – Beautiful templates for blogs on Blogger! I am moving my iWeb blog to Blogger and wanted to find something appropriate. There were so many great selections to choose from and all free!

Remember to visit our website at!


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