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Common Sense media: Trustworthy Information for Parents and Kids

Common Sense is a website dedicated to providing parents and kids with trustworthy information and tools regarding media available today. Wondering if your child should see a new movie or … Continue reading

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Kidzui: Free Safe Browser for Kids 3-16 (and Parents)

It wouldn’t surprise many that my grandsons, ages 3 to 11, are already huge technology fans! However, safety is always an issue. We have downloaded and used Kidzui and it … Continue reading

July 20, 2010 · 2 Comments

What Is A Radian?

Understanding Radians! This is not an easy subject for students to grasp! I found a great visual display of what radians are with some interactive feedback for kids! Only takes … Continue reading

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GMail Account? Check For Security!

  Have a GMail account? Then, do this to ensure the security of the account: Thank you, Jamey O and your friend Sue for this valuable link!

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Generation Cures: Make It Better

If you like Free Rice, you’ll love Generation Cures. Generation Cures is an online community created by Children’s Hospital Boston to let kids learn and have fun while they raise funds for … Continue reading

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