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Common Sense media: Trustworthy Information for Parents and Kids

Common Sense is a website dedicated to providing parents and kids with trustworthy information and tools regarding media available today. Wondering if your child should see a new movie or t.v. show, visit a certain website, buy the latest hot game or music, buy a book that everyone is talking about, or download a certain mobile app? Common sense provides parents with a review to help you make a more informed decision. In some cases, a video review is available. Age recommendations are provided as well as general recommendations. Safety is always a primary concern. Parents and kids can look up information easily by simply searching for the site name, book title, or Music Album name or artist, for example. There is a special section for educators. Besides offering some additional articles about important topics for parents and kids, this site also features the ability to personalize the site for the age of your child. Check it out! It’s interesting stuff! Oh, and there’s an iPhone App so if you are on the go, you can check out the information wherever you are! Visit the website at


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