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My Best Tip Ever (Revised)

Student Participation Sheet

This Student Participation Sheet one of the most popular teaching tips that I share when I present locally or at other districts. I can’t take credit for creating it as it was something I picked up along my 20 years of teaching.

I use the Student Participation sheet whenever classes come to the lab to encourage them to stay on task and to follow the school and computer lab rules.

It is a cinch to manage and record but the biggest benefit is that it really works with the students.

Here is how the Student Participation sheet works:


  1. Print out the sheet and print copies.
  2. Cut the sheets in half so that each student gets one column every day.
  3. At the beginning of class, give the students a “Participation Grade” sheet.
  4. Have each student complete their heading.
  5. If students are not participating, cut or mark off the grades from the bottom up.
  6. At the end of the period or day, the students turn in their “Participation Grade” sheet and whatever grade is at the bottom is their participation grade for the day.

The sheet can be modified for students in younger grades or to support different grading scales. For instance, I have a version that is based on a 10-point scale and another that uses happy faces for younger students. Finally, I have a paper-saving version which reduces paper use. Examples of these sheets are included.

If you’d like a copy of the participation sheet and all version, click here.

Below you’ll see a sampling of the different versions of the participation sheet:


One comment on “My Best Tip Ever (Revised)

  1. Technology In Class
    September 15, 2010

    >Thanks for sharing Carol! We featured this tip/resource on our education and technology blog. Here is the link to it:

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