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Firefox: More Than A Browser – Renee Cole

Good morning, Readers! we are starting Wed. With a presentation that is sure to be near and dear to my heart in terms of content! My experience confirms that Firefox is more than a browser and is, in fact, a powerful educational tool. Below are some of the favorite apps of the presenter:

– Firefox Sync
– Foxtab
– Simple Timer + Clocks 1.3.2
– TopSite
– Evernote
– FireShot
– Picnik
– Stopwatch
– Too Many Tabs
– Morning Coffee
– Yoono
– Themes
– Colorful Tabs
– LimePic
– Kidzui
– Thesaurus
– Foxlingo
– Panic Button
– Qwick Wiki
– Aniweather
– Shareaholic
– Too Many Tabs
– Read It Later
– Taberwocky
– Tapsure

Excellent and valuable presentation!


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