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vCard on Business Card with QR Code

vCard on Business Card with QR Code: How cool is this..a business card with a QR code for easy scanning.

Place a digital vCard on your business card with this vCard to QR Code online generator. Create the vCard, generate an image with QR Code and print it on your business card. Scan the barcode on the business card with your smartphone and store all the data without an internet connection, all of the information is in the code already. Most of the smartphones that are camera-equipped are able to decode the QR Code based vCards.


2 comments on “vCard on Business Card with QR Code

  1. pezzo
    November 25, 2012

    I was looking for a vcard qr code generator that is able to store pictures in the vcard as well. uses a diffrent approach. The QR Code created links you to a landing page showing all your personal data and an option to send the vcard to your mobile phone, that includes the picture as well!

    • Carol Mortensen
      November 25, 2012

      That’s an interesting take on the QR Code….thanks for sharing!

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