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Growly Notes Is The OneNote For Mac, And It Is Free

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Everyone loves OneNote. It is the most popular free-form note taking app that supports almost everything you drag onto it. You can quickly scribble a text anywhere on the note and add PowerPoint presentation, links, images, videos etc to the note. It is part of the Microsoft Office bundle and is not available for Mac. Now, if you’ve just switched from Windows to Mac and you miss your OneNote, Growly Notes is one software that you will be particularly interested in, because it is just like an OneNote clone.
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2 comments on “Growly Notes Is The OneNote For Mac, And It Is Free

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  2. noreenheath333
    October 23, 2011

    I found your blog through Zemanta and it ties in very well with mine. I was particularly delighted to see that there is a OneNote variation for Mac. I have friends who use nothing else. Thank you

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