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Symbaloo Widgets, Radio, Search Modules, and Newsfeeds

In previous posts, I discussed the usefulness of Symbaloo for organizing, bookmarking, and general productivity.  On March 8, in my post “MyWeb4Ed Discusses Symbaloo,”   I introduced Symbaloo and shared how it was helping my own productivity and organization.  On March 8, I also posted about the Symbaloo Firefox Add-On which made adding a tile (bookmark) to Symbaloo a very simple process.  Finally, as I discovered more cool things to do with Symbaloo, I wrote Symbaloo—The Fun Continues on March 14.

Well, it turns out I’m not done.  Today, I discovered Widgets, Radio, and  Search Modules, and Newsfeeds.  You see, you can do much more with Symbaloo.  For instance, let’s assume you’d like to listen to the Radio.  Just click on an empty tile space and type Radio in the search field.  Tiles will be displayed to you showing a variety of radio links.  Choose one and place it in your webmix.  When you want to listen to the radio, just click it and your radio will start in the center portion of your webmix.

You can do the same with Search Modules which allow you to search Google, Wikipedia, or Maps right from the center of your webmix.  Widgets allow you to do many things including displaying the current local weather or manage a task agenda.  Finally, by adding a Newsfeed widget, you can click on it and have your favorite newsfeeds instantly displayed in the center box.

Fast productivity, easy organization, and incredibly useful, too!  Everything an educator needs to enhance their work days and improve presentation navigation for students.

I’ve made my first webmix consisting of links to all the schools in our district along with links to all of the district-provided resources and published it for others in my district to use.  I’m going to be sharing more webmixes here and publishing them so you may include them in your Symbaloo webmix resources.  And, I can instantly share these webmixes to Facebook and/or Twitter.

The Symbaloo guide to help with all these cool features (only 6 pages long) if found by clicking here.

Really, Symbaloo, great job!  Educators thank you!


2 comments on “Symbaloo Widgets, Radio, Search Modules, and Newsfeeds

  1. Kimmie Chann
    April 5, 2012

    Hi Carol,

    Thank you for writing so many articles about Symbaloo!! We definitely appreciate it and are happy to hear how much you enjoy our tool. We thank educators like you who help to bring technology in to the classroom and your willingness to share your knowledge. We are launching a mobile app and would love for you to beta test for us. Please sign up here to be an initial beta tester

    Best regards,

    Team Symbaloo

    • Carol Mortensen
      April 7, 2012

      Thank you! I’ll be signing up right away! I’m very happy with Symbaloo and will be training folks at my school and hopefully the district! It’s a great tool and I’m excited to be part of the beta testing!
      Thanks again!

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