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Symbaloo Firefox Add-On

Previously, I wrote about Symbaloo and the productivity and organization help that it provided when used as your homepage. Click here to view that post.

Recently, I discovered that Symbaloo offers more. At least I thought it did. Symbaloo has developed a Firefox Add-On that provides one-click addition of websites to your Symbaloo webmixes. This would make Symbaloo a real time-saver for quickly saving sites to webmixes. However, I’m sad to say that I tested out the add-on and it appeared to work when I clicked it but the tile is nowhere to be found in my webmixes. I also noticed that there was no way to choose which webmix to choose where to add the tile (or bookmark).

Symbaloo, I think you are great but fixing these problems would make you even better!

[box type=”info”] Update! – I’m very happy to report that this Firefox Add-On is now working very well! Thank you, Symbaloo for fixing this add-on![/box]



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