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Run, don't walk to sign up for QuizStar at!!! It's now free!

I know it’s the end of the year but this is huge!  QuizStar at is now FREE again!  As many know, is an amazing website for educators.  There is a huge collection of amazing tools for teachers which were all free except for QuizStar.  While the cost was minimal, QuizStar had to implement a small monthly fee when grant came to an end.  However, yesterday, I stopped by the sight and saw the announcement that they were once again free!!

I cannot encourage you enough to get signed up now so you are ready for next year!   So, what does QuizStar offer?
Their website states:
     The Best Way to Make Quizzes!
With QuizStar you can
– Manage classes and quizzes
– Attach multimedia files to questions
– Make quizzes in multiple languages
– Access from any Internet-connected computer
– Allow students to complete and review
– Access QuizStar from work or home
– Create quizzes for students to take online
– Utilize the robust Report tools
– Create multilingual quizzes
– and much more!
I’ve personally used it and it is phenomenal!

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