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What Teachers + Educators should learn about BYOD

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What Teachers + Educators should learn about BYOD


Gust MEES:

Most of articles, blogs and Tweets witten by educational people are showing the advantages of “Bring Your Own Device” (BYOD) and they embrace very well BYOD, which I do also; but…




There are some more things to consider such as:


– A BYOD Policy in the campus, school…


– Prepare for BYOD in your organization 


Read my complete curation about it here:



===> Read and learn also about IT-Security, YES that is a MUST in 21st Century in Education, especially when using BYOD: <===





Learn also about eCitizen, Digital Citizenship where Teachers should stay there as good example and knowing about their responsability:




Responsability as eCitizen for the Government, be a good patriot and know how to defend your Government against Cyber-Attacks and Cyberwar, why and how?





===> The above mentioned must be included in Education and especially when using BYOD, read these blogs and curated articles and you will understand that they are a MUST 😉 <=== 


Check out also my new blog “Bring Your Own Device: Advantages, Dangers, Risks and best Policy to stay secure”:


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