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Discounts for Educators: Thinglink

thinglink ( is a program that allows users to create interactive pictures that can be placed on Facebook, shared on Twitter, emailed, or embedded (see below).  In addition, you can check out the statistics on viewing of the picture.  In a classroom setting, this would be phenomenal to ensure that everyone really did look at the image you requested them to.  If you have 30 students in a class, then there should be 30 hits to signify the group is with you.  You can even tell how many times a tag has been clicked on which again provides the ability to monitor student participation.

I’m imagining a map with tags that each tell a story or give some historical or geographical fact that will benefit students.  With an upgraded account, embedding this pictures on your website will be a breeze and bring content to an interactive level.

As a note, you can link your tags on a picture so that they can provide additional resources to support student learning.

thinglink was nice enough to agree to provide a free upgraded account to educators who wrote to them at and mention @myweb4ed, our Twitter account name.

I’m waiting for my upgrade now but here is a link to my trial run with thinglink.  This is a picture of my grandson, Zak, with his cousin, my granddaughter, Addy!    By placing your mouse over the picture, you’ll be able to see the tags.  Did you notice the background?  That’s part of the thinglink program, as well.

If you take advantage of this free upgrade, a $5 a month savings, please post here or send me a tweet to @myweb4ed to let me know! And, be sure to thank thinglink for their support of educators!


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