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Announcing the New Symbaloo iPad Web App

See on – MyWeb4Ed Symbaloo’s new iPad Web App is out!  Awesome news! See on Advertisements

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Heart Marks: Add Your School's AED Locations To Your School Maps and Save Lives!

My grandsons, Zak, 8 and Quest, age 13 have hypertrophic cardiomyopathy (HCM).  Zak will be having an ICD/Pacemakerimplanted in October to help prevent sudden cardiac arrest (SCA).  You may not … Continue reading

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National Library of Virtual Manipulatives

Via – MyWeb4Ed A digital library containing Java applets and activities for K-12 mathematics… National Library of Virtual Manipulatives Related articles Don’t Forget These Six Gold Standard of Technology … Continue reading

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Batch Rename in Windows 7 For Free

Hi everyone! Just a quick tip as we are working with our files. If you have a bunch of pics and you want to rename them quickly, check out this … Continue reading

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Truly The Most Awe-Inspiring Video I've Ever Seen

As educators, I think all of us need moments we we just step back and wonder at the beauty that surrounds us.  It helps us relax and rejuvenate.  Take a … Continue reading

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MentorMob Blog – MentorMob Innovators: Carol Mortensen – Creating the Ultimate Online Learning Center with Symbaloo

See on – MyWeb4Ed MentorMob and Symbaloo can be used together to create the ultimate interactive online learning center. Educators can combine the power of these tools to build … Continue reading

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Resources 4 Public Domain Audio – Symbaloo Webmix

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