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Great Finds At TCEA

The Campus Technology Integration Specialists and District Technology Integration Specialists from DPISD and I thought I’d share their great finds from TCEA.  Thank you everyone for sharing!

  1. Voki Avatars at Voki for Education
  3. Jigsaw Planet – create a jigsaw puzzle out of anything you want and receive html to embed into your webpage
  4. Classtools
  5. Reaction Grid – Virtual Worlds for Education


  1. – search a movie and see what the educational value, appropriate age, violence, sexy stuff, language, drinking, drugs, smoking,  messages, role models ratings are
  2. Google advanced search allows searching by reading level
  3. – allows you to see live comments going on right now
  4. Google Search Timeline – Do a  search for anything and then go the left column when results show up and click on Timeline to get a timeline of the search
  5. iPad Tips and Tricks – Hold down  e and receive all of the characters with accents, etc., hold down the .com button and get a choice of net, org, etc., double tap zooms in, two-finger tap zooms out


  1. – Hottest Free Apps


  1. Prezi Playground-
  2. Augmented Reality –
  3. Digital Frame Lab –


  1. – There’s an app to support this site, as well, for android  and apple.  Website provides lots of great resources.

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