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Teachers Making A Difference With Their Classroom Websites

The classroom website is a powerful, yet often overlooked, instructional tool!  Teachers who invest time in developing it are discovering the benefits and often look back wondering what took them so long to realize how transformative it can be.  And, students are benefiting when their teachers realize that the time invesment pays off in better student understanding, richer learning experiences, and improved parent communication.

Take a look at this story from a teacher who discovered the magic of an instructional classroom website:

Rethinking the Classroom Website | Krissy Venosdale {Venspired}


I can remember building my first classroom website. It had every detail about our class. Our schedule. Classroom jobs. My phone contact information. A link to my email. Our school. Then? I let it sit. It never changed much,

Give it a try!  You might (will!) find out what a classroom website will become the hub of your classroom!



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