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Rethinking SaneBox: It's a Blogger's Perogative To Change Her Mind…and I Have

Recently, I decided to revisit SaneBox.  I knew they had a good thing when I test drove it before and that I liked everything about it.  The problem i had was in some remarks that were made to me by a company representative who apologized (of sorts).  Anyway, I figured I should give it a look again since my email can always use some cleaning up.

I am running the trial version right now and I’m impressed (again!)  This really does help with managing my Gmail inbox.  The features I love best, besides the instant clean up I received, was the BlackHole which is a label you give anything you want to disappear forever, like spam messages or those pesky sales/junk emails.  It works like a charm.

I will likely subscribe though their prices are a little steeper than displayed if you decide to go month-to-month so be sure you are choosing the right plan.

Bottom line is that this is a great program.  It works and it makes a difference in  my email work load and organization.  And, it did it in about 10 minutes.  It’s hard to argue with that!

I’ll keep you up-to-date on the program as I continue the trial.

SaneBox:  How about an educator’s discount?  That would be great!

If you are so inclined, I’m adding a referral code here that will earn us both $5 of Sanebox credit if used for a trial! I very rarely share links like this but if you are going to get $5 off then it’s worth it and I’ll appreciate the $5, as well.  The link is:


4 comments on “Rethinking SaneBox: It's a Blogger's Perogative To Change Her Mind…and I Have

  1. Dmitri Leonov
    November 25, 2012

    Hi Carol!

    We’re delighted to have you back. We feel awful about you having a bad experience because of our poor sense of humor last time (especially since yours was the only bad review we ever received 🙂

    We do indeed offer a 25% discount to educators (always have!)


    • Carol Mortensen
      November 25, 2012

      Thanks, Dmitri!I’m so glad it has all worked out! How does an educator go about getting the discount? Thank you!

  2. Tom Warren
    December 10, 2012

    Even if SB didn’t work as efficiently as it does, it would still provide a fantastic benefit to subscribers. The amount of time used to recheck SaneArchive is so trivial compared to the overall net time saves there’s no comparison. It’s like trying get to compare the time you earned your degree vs the same period spent bartending. At the end, you have. Tangible, leverageable set of skills that will provide you a lifetime benefit. Plus, Sanebox continues to get better and better with an engaged user base and an activist leadership. A bargain at twice the price.!

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